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Social Confoes 113 – Using AI in Real Life Situations

In this episode of Social Confoes, the hosts discuss the use of AI in real-life situations with guests Antoine...

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Social Confoes 112 – Arts and Creativity

Welcome to the latest episode of Social Confoes, the podcast where we discuss the intersection of creativity, technology, and...

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Social Confoes 111 – Influencer and AI Marketing w/ Mike Allton

Welcome to Social Confoes! Today's episode features an international keynote speaker, award-winning consultant, and author at The Social Media...

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Social Confoes 110 – Learning, Unlearning and Relearning

Welcome to another episode of Social Confoes. In this episode, Diego and Jean-luc discuss the importance of learning, unlearning,...

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Social Confoes 109 – Reinventing Yourself

Diego and Jean-luc dive into the topic of reinventing oneself in this week's episode of Social Confoes. They discuss...

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