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Social Confoes 011 – Scaling Startups in the Asian Markets w/ Reuben Noronha

Diego and Jean-luc are looking forward to having Reuben Noronha as our #SocialConfoes guest this week to talk about...

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Social Confoes 010 – Emotional Intelligence, MBTI and the Story of Sheetal Sujan

On this very insightful episode of Social Confoes, Jean-luc and Diego are joined by Sheetal Sujan. She is a...

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Social Confoes 009 – Steal His Marketing for TikTok growth hacks w/ Abhishek Kumar

Steal My Marketing, the name of the Podcast hosted by Abhishek Kumar. Diego and Jean-luc talk with him about...

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Social Confoes 008 – Favorite Moments So Far, Paradigm Shifts and NFTs

Welcome to a special edition of Social Confoes​, featuring your hosts, Diego Ameerali and Jean-luc van Charante, as they...

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Social Confoes 007 – Marketing in Academics vs Marketing in Business w/ Ro-Ann Smith

For the previous few episodes we covered marketing from different angles, ranging from creative entrepreneurs and how social media...

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