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Capital Confoes 4 – Teaching as a Finance YouTuber w/ AJ from StraightTalks

In this podcast we take you with us on a journey about economics and investing. By being equipped with different perspective we strive to make better and more informed financial decisions. Welcome to Capital Confoes!

In episode 4 we had a conversation with AJ who runs the StraightTalks YouTube channel. He is CFA charter holder and CFP professional working in wealth management as a financial planner.

Check out his content:

Episode Overview

  • 0:00 – Getting AJ on the Podcast
  • 5:01 – CFA and CFP explained
  • 10:16 – Do these certifications translate well into non US markets?
  • 13:22 – Sending out 172 job applications
  • 17:35 – Getting your foot in the door
  • 20:21 – Why wealth management?
  • 22:47 – 401k and other accounts explained
  • 25:30 – Entering the market as a non US individual
  • 28:34 – Stock, bonds and portfolios explained
  • 34:41 – The importance of psychology in investing
  • 41:03 – How do wealth managers generate income?
  • 47:16 – Is there a future for financial planners?
  • 52:26 – Day trading and red flags
  • 57:07 – Starting a YouTube channel
  • 1:04:58 – What academic programs are there for people interested in finance?
  • 1:09:59 – Closing off

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Financial Disclaimer

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