Creative Confoes

Hosted ByDiego Ameerali & Tevin Morris

In this series we have conversations with a wide array of creatives and explore their creative process and how they translate that into business.

Creative Confoes 011 – Let’s Not Jinx It w/ TacoAtPlay

The first month of 2021 is a wrap and what better way to kick-off February with Diego and Tevin hosting the first Creative Confoes for 2021. We are joined by a rather superstitious but curious creative who recently went through a journey of self-discovery through his photography. Our guest for this episode is Jake Amatdoelrasit, better know by his Instagram handle @TacoAtPlay.

Slide into Jake’s DM on Instagram @TacoAtPlay

Episode Overview

  • 0:00 – A Fresh New Intro Sequence 🙂
  • 6:20 – Do we all start off with a Sony camera?
  • 10:30 – What’s so special about coffee?
  • 13:25 – The story behind the coffee mug on Jake’s hand
  • 20:40 – Taco revealed
  • 28:00 – Walk us through your early days editing process where it was 90% editing and 10% shooting
  • 37:09 – What were your criteria for choosing your first camera
  • 42:05 – In your opinion, what separate’s the great from the good in our local community
  • 52:10 – Have you been able to build a business around your craft?
  • 57:30 – Don’t book your shoot until May
  • 1:02:25 – Closing off with one body and one lens

Video Version of the Episode

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