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Social Confoes 039 – Chasing Curiosity w/ Ananta Khemradj

In this episode of #SocialConfoes Diego and Jean-luc are joined by Ananta Khemradj. A curious heart by nature, she always asks questions and often have her nose buried reading something new. Her curiosity led her to become a journalist and filmmaker with a high interest in politics. Listen to her journey journey has been full of surprises, where one thing is certain: She will always be guided by her curiosity, inquisitiveness and strong desire for learning and telling stories!

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Episode Overview

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 6:36 – Are you a filmmaker or journalist?
  • 9:44 – How did you end up working at a bank?
  • 16:52 – What from the Dutch system could work in Suriname?
  • 24:01 – How do previous projects and career paths impact you now?
  • 27:04 – How to overcome the fear of transition
  • 30:28 – Overrated or underrated
  • 43:24 – How come no one likes economists?
  • 46:54 – What documentary are you working on?
  • 50:05 – If you could interview anyone in the last 2 centuries, who would it be?
  • 54:52 – Closing off

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