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Social Confoes 105 – Women in Sports Tech w/ Shannon Ferguson

In this episode of Social Confoes, hosts Diego and Jean-luc sit down with Shannon Ferguson, Co-Founder and CEO of FanSaves, an award-winning tech startup that connects sports fans to sponsors through a digital couponing platform. Shannon shares her insights on being a woman in sports tech, the importance of understanding user needs, and overcoming adversity as a founder. Listen in for valuable takeaways on entrepreneurship, sponsorship, and the future of sports.

Here are five major take-aways from Shannon’s interview:

  1. Non-technical co-founders can learn and succeed in the tech startup industry.
  2. FanSaves aims to eliminate paper coupons from professional sports and beyond.
  3. Starting a business can be a result of seeing a problem and taking it into your own hands.
  4. Canada’s sports culture is growing, and there is a lot of passion for Canadian athletes.
  5. Small businesses and startups have different goals and models, with startups aiming to take on investment and grow quickly.

Quotes from Shannon

“Our mission is to eliminate paper coupons from professional sports and beyond.” – Shannon

“90% of fans can’t name more than five of their favorite team sponsors. So sponsors are paying millions of dollars in some cases, and fans do not know who they are.” – Shannon

“We trusted and worked with the wrong people. All of our developers were local. But we had to learn as we went.” – Shannon

Find Shannon on: Linkedin

and learn more about FanSaves on their website.


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