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Social Confoes 106 – Finding your Vantage Point w/ Gib Stewart

Roland (Gib) Stewart is the founder of Vantage Point Franchises and More LLC. He started his career helping people find jobs, eventually leading the state system in job placements. He then invested in real estate and started a property management company. Gib also developed seven dental/medical office buildings and purchased two franchises. He became a franchise consultant to help people actualize their dreams. Gib positions his clients to navigate toward success and believes everyone deserves a mentor.

Here are 5 major take-aways from Gib’s interview:

  1. Change your surroundings and perspectives if things are not going well for you.
  2. Learn how to breathe properly during stressful situations.
  3. Having a routine can be beneficial, for example, an eight-minute breakfast that includes exercise.
  4. Having good mentors and support systems can make a big impact on your life.
  5. Reading is important, and it’s never too late to learn how to read properly.

Quotes from Gib:

  • “If you’re in a bad place, get rid of those friends and find some good ones and get on with life because there’s so much going on that’s positive and available and you can look forward to.”
  • “When things look bad, you just take another deep breath and you’ll be fine. Just breathe. Just breathe.”
  • “I always picture myself walking down a road and I always figure, okay, so here’s where I am, there’s where I wanna be. And the next question is, how am I gonna get there?”
  • “I never liked working for somebody. I retired my first time at the age of 50, retired twice and almost a third time, and finally decided it just wasn’t for me. I’m having too much fun.”
  • “I think it’s important to know how much opportunity is out in the world and so many places.”

Find Gib on his website:


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