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A Suriname-based podcasting hub focused on aggregating and promoting transparent information and communication. Trivia: Do you know the geographic location of Suriname?

Diego Ameerali

Host of the Confoes Podcast. Diego has a broad array of interests ranging from the creative industry, the business world and the financial markets. He started the platform as a personal development experiment.

Gregory Bainathsah

Co-host of the Capital Confoes series. Gregory is an analyst for the largest Surinamese institutional investor. He is primarily focused on economics, global financial markets and geopolitics.

Tevin Morris

Co-host of the Creative Confoes series. Tevin took his first breath in 1993.  He is a Content Creator by day and Artist by night. His main focus is in illustration, however, it extends towards anything arts related such as photography and videography.

Jean-Luc van Charante

Co-host of the Social Confoes series. Jeanluc loves life, online marketing, sports, music, tourism, urban development, arts & culture. He is interested in Developing Suriname together.

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How it Started

It started as a group of friends interest in sharing ideas on topics often considered “taboo” in a small, developing country 🇸🇷. Our goal is to create an entire digital ecosystem in which these ideas can thrive and be casually explored without prejudice.