Social Confoes

Hosted ByDiego Ameerali & Jeanluc van Charante

Social Confoes 115 – The ‘Work for Yourself’ Dream

In this episode of Social Confoes, the hosts discuss the hype surrounding entrepreneurship and the impact it has on society and the economy. They cover topics such as access to information and online resources, the rise of social media influencer culture, and the shift in work culture and values among different generations. The hosts also touch on the concept of overnight success and the role of luck in entrepreneurship.

Key takeaways:

  1. Access to information and online resources has made entrepreneurship more accessible to a wider audience.
  2. Social media has created a culture of instant gratification and the concept of overnight success.
  3. The shift in work culture and values among different generations has led to a greater focus on quality of life over state of life.
  4. Perseverance is more important than luck in entrepreneurship.
  5. The impact of entrepreneurship on society and the economy is complex and multifaceted, and requires careful consideration.


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