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Social Confoes 029 – Ask Me Anything: Jean-luc

Do you have a question you always wanted to ask Jean-luc, want to hear his opinion on a topic,...

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Social Confoes 028 – Ask Me Anything: Diego

Jean-luc and Diego have a midyear check-in on the state of #SocialCoTonight, we are doing #SocialConfoes a...

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Social Confoes 027 – TEA TIME: Mid-Year Check-in and Confoes Roadmap

Jean-luc and Diego have a midyear check-in on the state of #SocialConfoes and talk about what's to...

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Social Confoes 026 – Mortal Kombat, Good UX Design and Working Remotely w/ Pek Pongpaet

This Tuesday on #SocialConfoes we will be joined by Pek Pongpaet. He's the CEO and Chief UX...

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Social Confoes 025 – Leading in JCI, Networking and Scaling an Organization w/ Tyler Hiranaka

This week on #SocialConfoes we chat with Tyler Hiranaka. He'll be joining us from an island in...

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