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Welcome to Casual Confoes, a podcast series dedicated towards economics and finance.

Casual Confoes 012 – A Look Back at 2020 and What’s Ahead

After doing the podcast remotely for over 6 months, Diego and Greg finally meet up again in person to record the first episode of Casual Confoes in 2021. With 2020 being a wrap, we reflect on some of the highlights and experienced we both had. Additionally, we also briefly discussed what’s ahead for the series in 2021 one by announcing a new series that will focus specifically on economics and finance.

See you next time on Capital Confoes.

Episode Overview

  • 0:00 – Fresh New Intro Sequence 🙂
  • 1:30 – Reflecting on our 2020
  • 11:55 – Remember our very first episode, how about our international guests?
  • 19:32 – Our new series!
  • 33:25 – How is the corporate investment world in Suriname?
  • 37:05 – What else is brewing for 2021
  • 40:23 – Wrapping up and final announcements

Video Version of the Episode

The Hosts

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