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Social Confoes 114 – Leadership and Empowerment w/ Jodie Padilla

Welcome to the Social Confoes podcast! In this episode, we are thrilled to have Jodie Padilla as our guest. Jodie is an engineer with a specialization in higher education and a master’s degree in innovation and development of business. She is the founder of “Líderes Hub“, an organization that trains future leaders in specialized leadership, such as promoters of equity and inclusion, and competitiveness and innovation. Jodie is also an activist, postgraduate professor, author, and scientific researcher. She has been recognized internationally for her work, including being a Climate Reality Leader trained by former Vice President of the USA Al Gore, and the first Ecuadorian winner of the Global Writing Contest “Share Your Voice” by Girls In Tech HQ San Francisco. In this episode, Jodie will discuss the importance of volunteer work and community involvement, her experience with leadership in volunteer organizations, and how to empower others to become leaders in their own communities. Stay tuned for an inspiring conversation with Jodie Padilla.

Matilde is the first Ecuadorian to have her doodle on Google. And the Doodle is not only appearing in Ecuador, it’s appearing in Latin America, Italy, Ireland, and United Kingdom. And I said, I apply for that. I send my proposal. I asked for it and I couldn’t believe it.

Jodie Padilla

Here are 5 major take-aways from Jodie:

  1. Jodie emphasizes the importance of being present and happy in everything you do, even if it doesn’t seem to be leading to immediate success.
  2. She encourages people to explore different aspects of their lives and not to get stuck with anything, even if it means leaving a certain place or person.
  3. Jodie recommends volunteering as a way to develop skills, make connections, and give back to the community.
  4. She believes that everyone has something to offer and should consider themselves a leader, even if they are not in a formal leadership position.
  5. Jodie stresses the importance of connecting with people on a human level and focusing on the things we have in common, rather than our differences, in order to build strong communities.

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