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Hosted ByDiego Ameerali & Jeanluc van Charante

Social Confoes is geared around getting the personal story behind a person that is inspiring others to do something for themselves. It is a social conversation that gets personal but also touches upon a specific topic of expertise.

Social Confoes is Live every Tuesday at 20:00 (Eastern Time) / 21:00 (Suriname Time):

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Social Confoes 118 – An Unqualified Take on the Oil & Gas Industry

In this episode of Social Confoes, hosts Diego and Jean-luc explore a variety of topics, including the economy, extractive industries, and the rise of new economic powers. They also...

Social Confoes 117 – The Story Behind PLU

Welcome to Social Confoes, where we talk to creative minds from all around the world. Today’s guest is Hedwig de la Fuente, also known as PLU, a graphic designer...

Social Confoes 116 – What is Money

Welcome to Social Confoes! In this episode, Diego and Jean-luc discuss the road to financial independence. We explore the concept of money and its definition, as well as the...

Social Confoes 115 – The ‘Work for Yourself’ Dream

In this episode of Social Confoes, the hosts discuss the hype surrounding entrepreneurship and the impact it has on society and the economy. They cover topics such as access...

Social Confoes 114 – Leadership and Empowerment w/ Jodie Padilla

Welcome to the Social Confoes podcast! In this episode, we are thrilled to have Jodie Padilla as our guest. Jodie is an engineer with a specialization in higher education and a master’s degree in innovation and development of business. She is the founder of “Líderes Hub”, an organization that trains future leaders in specialized leadership, such as promoters of equity and inclusion, and competitiveness and innovation. Jodie is also an activist, postgraduate professor, author, and scientific researcher. She has been recognized internationally for her work, including being a Climate Reality Leader trained by former Vice President of the USA Al Gore, and the first Ecuadorian winner of the Global Writing Contest “Share Your Voice” by Girls In Tech HQ San Francisco. In this episode, Jodie will discuss the importance of volunteer work and community involvement, her experience with leadership in volunteer organizations, and how to empower others to become leaders in their own communities. Stay tuned for an inspiring conversation with Jodie Padilla.

Social Confoes 113 – Using AI in Real Life Situations

In this episode of Social Confoes, the hosts discuss the use of AI in real-life situations with guests Antoine and Iwan. The conversation covers a range of topics, including AI-generated art, the impact of AI on education, and the potential for AI to automate certain tasks. The guests also share their experiences with AI tools and their thoughts on the future of AI.

Social Confoes 112 – Arts and Creativity

Welcome to the latest episode of Social Confoes, the podcast where we discuss the intersection of creativity, technology, and society. In this episode, hosts Diego and Jean-luc delve into the relationship between creativity and productivity, and how to balance both in a business setting. They also explore the concept of artists being trapped by the expectations of a wider audience, and the potential impact of AI on the creative industry.

Social Confoes 111 – Influencer and AI Marketing w/ Mike Allton

Welcome to Social Confoes! Today’s episode features an international keynote speaker, award-winning consultant, and author at The Social Media Hat, Mike Allton. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Mike has established a reputation for being able to explain complex topics in easy-to-understand ways. He is also the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse, a robust social media management tool favored by agencies and social media influencers around the world. Join us as we discuss influencer marketing from both the brand and influencer’s point of view.

Social Confoes 110 – Learning, Unlearning and Relearning

Welcome to another episode of Social Confoes. In this episode, Diego and Jean-luc discuss the importance of learning, unlearning, and relearning in both personal and societal contexts. They delve into the idea of first principle thinking and how breaking down concepts into fundamental pieces can lead to new and innovative ideas. The conversation also touches on the role of AI in learning and how biases can be introduced into the process.