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Hosted ByDiego Ameerali & Jeanluc van Charante

Social Confoes is geared around getting the personal story behind a person that is inspiring others to do something for themselves. It is a social conversation that gets personal but also touches upon a specific topic of expertise.

Social Confoes is Live every Tuesday at 20:00 (Eastern Time) / 21:00 (Suriname Time):

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Social Confoes 109 – Reinventing Yourself

Diego and Jean-luc dive into the topic of reinventing oneself in this week’s episode of Social Confoes. They discuss the importance of conscious reinventions, the impact of knowledge and experience on personal growth, and the role of external factors such as Covid-19 in shaping our lives. The conversation then shifts to the topic of reinventing countries, with a discussion on the challenges and opportunities faced by smaller nations. They touch on the importance of history and the need for a strong leader to drive change. Finally, they wrap up the episode by exploring the role of support and accountability in the process of reinventing oneself.

Social Confoes 108 – Creating Your Own Culture w/ Suchi Sairam

In this episode of Social Confoes, we sit down with Suchi Sairam, an Indian-Texan-Minnesotan-American Multicultural Artpreneur, artist, and author. We discuss her multiple award-winning children’s book, “Dancing Deepa,” and the important themes of representation, empowerment, risk-taking, and overcoming assumptions. Suchi shares her unique perspective on navigating multiple cultures and identities and how she integrates the arts, multiculturalism. Join us as we delve into the power of passion and the value of pursuing what you love with Suchi Sairam on Social Confoes.

Social Confoes 107 – Maximizing the Value of Your Business w/ Cristina Espiritu

In this episode of Social Confoes, hosts Diego and Jean-luc speak with Cristina Espiritu, an international valuation expert and business strategist with over 20 years of experience. She has helped countless businesses propel themselves to new heights. She is the founder of Sparkvation Consulting, My Jeepney Stop, and EmPHorium, and has also served in leadership positions in non-profit organizations around the world. We discuss how to maximize the value of your business during a crisis, the importance of understanding different cultures in business, and nuances that can make or break a business deal. Tune in for valuable insights and tips from this seasoned expert.

Social Confoes 106 – Finding your Vantage Point w/ Gib Stewart

Roland (Gib) Stewart is the founder of Vantage Point Franchises and More LLC. He started his career helping people find jobs, eventually leading the state system in job placements. He then invested in real estate and started a property management company. Gib also developed seven dental/medical office buildings and purchased two franchises. He became a franchise consultant to help people actualize their dreams. Gib positions his clients to navigate toward success and believes everyone deserves a mentor.

Social Confoes 105 – Women in Sports Tech w/ Shannon Ferguson

In this episode of Social Confoes, hosts Diego and Jean-luc sit down with Shannon Ferguson, Co-Founder and CEO of FanSaves, an award-winning tech startup that connects sports fans to sponsors through a digital couponing platform. Shannon shares her insights on being a woman in sports tech, the importance of understanding user needs, and overcoming adversity as a founder. Listen in for valuable takeaways on entrepreneurship, sponsorship, and the future of sports.

Social Confoes 104 – Entrepreneurship is Gambling

Welcome to this episode of Social Confoes, where we explore the intersection of society, culture, and economics. In this episode, hosts Diego and Jean-luc discuss the role of entrepreneurship and wealth creation in today’s world. They delve into the pressures of the “rat race,” the importance of optionality, and the potential pitfalls of pursuing wealth. Join us as we explore the nuances of entrepreneurship and the challenges of navigating uncertainty in pursuit of financial success.

Social Confoes 103 – The Business of Seaweed w/ Joshua Forte

In this episode of #SocialConfoes Diego and Jean-luc talk with YLAI Almuni Joshua Forte. He is the founder of Red Diamond Compost Inc. is an award-winning biotech social enterprise that creates...

Social Confoes 102 – Everyone Needs a Coach in Life w/ Kelly Knowles

In this episode of #SocialConfoes Diego and Jean-luc talk with coach Kelly Knowles. Kelly is a multi-talented professional with a wealth of experience and a passion for serving others. As a...

Social Confoes 101 – Love it or Not

In this episode of #SocialConfoes Diego and Jean-luc discuss the significance of Valentine and the commercialization of holidays. Watch the RAW videos on YouTube. The Hosts Feel free to join our...