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Social Confoes 096 – Social Media Education w/ Jennifer Radke

In this episode of #SocialConfoes Diego and Jean-luc talk with Jennifer Radke. She is a seasoned business leader with over 15 years of experience in sales and team management. She is a passionate coach who believes in the growth and success of each team member as the key to business success. Jennifer started her career in higher education and values continuous learning. In 2014, she became a Social Media Strategist certified by the National Institute for Social Media and went on to become a certified instructor.

With a love for teaching, training, and consulting, Jennifer founded Socially Inspired, a social media consulting agency that helps small business owners with their social sales and media strategy. In 2016, she became the owner and CEO of the National Institute for Social Media, where she leads a team of accomplished professionals to provide top-notch training and industry certifications in social media.

Jennifer is driven by seeking challenges, accountability, and positive results. She believes in lifelong learning and the importance of professional networks for growth and new opportunities. Her goal is to help others find their “ah-ha” moment and achieve their full potential.

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