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Social Confoes 099 – Investing and a Growth Mindset w/ Nacho

In this episode of #SocialConfoes Diego and Jean-luc talk with Ignacio Peruzzo aka Nacho. He is a chemical engineer turned self-taught investor and crypto and web3 writer. He runs his own blog and YouTube channel where he shares his insights on economics, crypto, and NFTs. As a co-founder of “The Pulse“, Nacho is dedicated to empowering communities through content creation and meaningful connections in the crypto, investment, and personal development space. With a desire to escape Argentina’s chronic inflation problem, Nacho discovered traditional investing and later became a passionate advocate for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs. He is active on Twitter and Discord, connecting with people from all over the world to learn and discuss these topics. When he’s not immersed in the world of finance and technology, Nacho loves to have deep and thoughtful conversations about his true passion: basketball. Nacho was born, raised, and still resides in Argentina.

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